A Man For All Seasons - Al Stewart - Time Passages

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  1. Time Passages Al Stewart. Released A Man For All Seasons Lyrics. 5. Almost Lucy Lyrics. 6. The Palace of Versailles Lyrics. 7. Timeless Skies.
  2. Mar 30,  · This album, which followed the very successful "Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat", is pleasant, but not particularly outstanding."Time Passages", the track which made the charts, is both insightful and musical, and became reasonably popular/5().
  3. This is the opening and title track of Al Stewart’s album Time Passages. The song is also of note of having the highest note ever hit on an alto saxophone by Phil Kenzie on a studio.
  4. The French Revolution is addressed in the song "The Palace of Versailles", from Time Passages. Amy Johnson inspired the song "Flying Sorcery", from Year of the Cat. Henry VIII of England (misidentified by Stewart as Henry Plantagenet (Henry II)) and Thomas More (Henry VIII's chancellor) are referenced in "A Man for All Seasons" from Time Passages.
  5. Sep 23,  · After putting out "Year of the cat" in all eyes were on Al stewart wether he can surpass the bar set by him on the previous record. The result was "Time Passages" even though not as perfect as his earlier effort but this album does have its moments/5(11).
  6. Al Stewart "A Man For All Seasons": Would you still be a man for all seasons? Or would you just disbelieve? We measure our gains out in luck and coincidence Lanterns to turn back in the night Time Passages. Valentina Way. Life In Dark Water. A Man For All Seasons. Almost Lucy.

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